Monday, February 28, 2011


I spent most of February in Chicago at the gaming house. I have to say, it was absolutely amazing. I loved being there and hanging out with everyone. The house is sick and definitely full of gamers. I arrived February 5th and stayed till the 6 team lan, February 17th-21st. Before the lan, Fear held the top score for Donkey Kong with Mr. P in second place. While I was there I took Fear's DK throne, we battled back and forth but he regained the throne right before I left but I will be back and be "The King of Kong!" There was another arcade hit called Hoop Jones. VS Ninja held the top score but little did he know I played this game before many years ago. I played 3 games and beat all of his records. I currently hold the top 3 spots in Hoop Jones. StrongSide's hoop jones skills > Ninja's hoop jones skills…haha!

At the time I was on Legendz and we were invited to the lan along with Victorious Secret, Instinct, Final Boss, Carbon and Reality Check. Most of the people arrived Thursday so we got a series in. Once everyone was at the gaming house that Friday, we all started to warm up and get ready for the weekend to come. I was pumped to finally play Reach on lan against other top players and see how I'd match up. Reach feels amazing on lan, shots and melees register like none other although as we all know the forge maps have lag problems. The V3 setting are good, I like sprint in Reach. I'm feeling uneasy about the forge map, Nexus in team slayer. I haven't played it too much but the few times that I have, it felt like a lot of random spawns. Other than that, I'm enjoying them so far.

The first day of the lan, Legendz was doing great. We were all playing amazing and working well together. After that we fell apart, it was tough to get everyone on the same page. We're all great players but we just didn't work well together as a team. The overall lan with Legendz didn't go as good as I had hoped and we all knew something needed to change. I left the gaming house on the 22nd of February but not before getting some fun time in Chicago!

 Trampoline dodgeball…man that was fun. After the lan, there were a few people who stayed till Tuesday so I wanted to get us to go out and do something fun. Ellen drove up from Kentucky to pick me up but we were going to leave the next day. Totz told me about trampoline dodgeball and I was instantly intrigued. We were debating between dodgeball or go-carts but to our luck go-carts wasn't open that day, so trampoline dodgeball it was. As soon as you walk in, you can't wait to get in and play. It's pretty much a warehouse sized room with multiple trampolines hooked up together. There was more then just dodgeball going on, there was a foam pit and a simple jump and play area but you know we all wanted to get in on the dodgeball! We played some games versus another group of people and played a few against each other. After the a couple games I was beat. It's a lot of fun but it gets tiring because you're jumping and hopping around dodging balls. Fear and I wanted to race on the dodgeball court, we were neck to neck just have to watch the attached video below haha. Times were great in Chicago, I'm excited to go back.

Getting into the end of February, it was tough to think what I was going to do with the roster lock coming up. After the lan not going as planned I thought about all the possibilities of what I could do. I ran games with Chig, Solider and Elamite. But when Elamite informed me of Warriors, I wanted to make a jump for it. So now, officially it's myself, Elamite, Robbie B and Snakebite as Warriors. I'm happy to be with this team, I'm happy to finally be teaming with Elamite. Warriors to do big things in 2011!!

Coming up in March the gaming house will be hosting 2 lan's before Dallas, March 17th-20th and March 24th-28th. We hope to be attending the March 24th lan. It's unclear as to who will be attending the other lan's so make sure to check out The Lan Network website for updates! We have plans for Robbie B to come out to Kentucky and stay at Elamite's house a week before. Then make the drive to the gaming house, lan and drive back and fly out together to Dallas. We have an outstanding team here, I'm confident in each and every one of them. We have 4 great individual players that are all dedicated to winning.

On another note, the gaming house will be hosting it's third Fantasy Camp Pros vs Joes May 6th-8th. I, myself will be there as one of the pro's so everyone needs to sign up and come out to the gaming house! You will honestly love it guys. Mr. P has made some change to the Pros vs. Joes so you have to check it out! I really want this to be a success since it'll be my first Fantasy Camp. I made it easy for you guys, here's the link: The LanNetwork - Pros vs. Joes

The opener is coming up fast! Get your passes and get your gaming on! See you all at Dallas!

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