Friday, March 30, 2012

March to Madness!

Instead of writing up a blog like I do every month, I took my camera with me on my travels and wanted to feature the highlights with a Picture Blog! Here it is!

Starting with our first practice Lan before MLG Columbus at the Coby2Fast lan in Sacramento, CA!

Hanging out in the living room where we could watch the lan!

CBS/Gamespot came out to interview Coby and T2

Warming up before their first series of the day

Some of Gamespots equipment to stream the lan! 

Ken-Cobys dad had a crossbow! I was a beast at shooting the targets!

We all woke up early one day during the lan to go play paintball!

Gearing up!

Red Team

Joe Fries(in grey hoodie, pro paintballer) coming up with the strats!



Play by play action shot. Me: I'm watching the flank!   Ninja: I've got your back brotha!

Me: We're good on the right side!   Ninja: I've still got your back brotha!

Me: I can cover you if you want to go in HAM!

Me: I think I'm going to go in HAM!  Tyler: I'm covering you!


Me:  I took 3 guys down! I need some backup! 

Tom and I celebrating after an intense win. Tom a had a sick flank back to our base.

Bonafide all painted up!

We all decided to be Cobys wingman at Hooters!

For free desert we had to win the hula hoop contest. Marcus(elmunite) takes down Craig(TK!)

Mikwen vs StrongSide. Ready set go!

2 seconds in, Mikwen says he has never hula hooped! haha I win.

Elumnite vs StrongSide.   Elumnite wins. He is a pro hula hooper! Just look at him!

Tyler ended up being the champ and won the free desert. His hips don't lie.

Group pic before we all had to head home.

Back home at my place getting those last 3 days of practice in before the tournament!

At MLG Columbus warming up split screen with Joe Fries!

Bonafide Boarding!!

The UK apeX Halo Reach Team!

Hanging with my boys (from left to right) Mason, Mike, George, and Matthew Ezekiel Martinez!! 

Waiting for Round 1 FFA to start!

Who are these two fly dudes?

Testdahfy reppin my gear! 

All three colors available for the StrongSide shirt!

Lets keep it going!

Gettin jazzy wit it!

It's always a good time hanging out with Nick!

Signed and approved by FaithSide!

Interview from Mrs. Violence for Gamespot!

So much SWAG!!

My beautiful girlfriend Ellen reppin the girls line from Bonafide Boarding Site

After the finals at Cbus we went to Cobys room to play some 1v1s! Brotha Rob vs myself! 

Everyone started showing up and it was time for 2v2s!

Coby and Shibby soooo focused! Shibby still has it! He is a competitive gamer at heart. 

Group pic!!

After Coby's room we went to hang out in the hotel lobby.

3/4 of the crew.

The full crew!!! haha

Hanging out having a great night Sunday night! 

NeighborSide hanging out like the good ole days!

Shocked at the video we are watching on CR's iphone..haha

Final placings for MLG Columbus 7th FFA and Str8 Rippin 13th. I'm happy I made it into the final 8 in the FFA's it was a tough fight with so many competitors. I have to give a big shout out to everyone who made an appearance at Columbus! Halo was so hyped, it was amazing. Everyone did their part on building Halo back up! Let's keep it up guys! 
As for Str8 Rippin, we all put in so much hard work and time into this tournament. It was disappointing getting knocked out and not placing where we should of been. I felt like I let down myself and my fans. I'm working on finalizing our plans to attend EGL Blackpool for Str8 Rippin. We'll be in Europe from April 5 - April 11. We're looking to have a great time meeting all of the European fans and competitors. I'll be bringing some of my t-shirts for purchase and other gear to give out. I won't be using my phone while I'm out of the country so follow @EGLpro for updates on the event! 

There are going to be some BIG SURPRISES coming to my stream following my return from EGL. So please make sure to follow my stream at StrongSide Stream and my twitter @mcstrongside
Trust guys will not be disappointed!

Check out my Montage Teaser if you haven't seen it yet! Also check out the fan made montage from KISSmAv96. This guy is from overseas and made this funny but awesome montage of clips that I had posted in my fileshare. The music is priceless. haha

Montage Teaser

Fan made montage by KISSmAv96