Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Recently I visited MLG HQ in the Big City to play Rockstar's next game in the renowned series Max Payne 3. Rockstar and MLG collaborated together for a Max Payne 3 Pro Exhibition. They released a mini series of the tournament you guys can check it out here.

Max Payne Pro Exhibition

The new MLG HQ is awesome! They have a sick overview of the city and so many gaming rooms. One side of the office is purely work offices then the other side is a gaming palace.

The tournament was going to be all in one day but we also had one full day to practice and figure the game out. The game is in a 3rd person shooting style. So it is a bit different from what I’m used to. The first day I had so much fun slowing time down using "Bullet Time" and jumping around corners to take someone out!  Everything about the multiplayer is fun. There are so many upgrades and specials(bursts) you can use on your load-out and can have up to 5 load-outs. Definitely check the game out and message me if you want to join my crew! My gamertag is StrongSide.

The practice day went on and we all found out the dual pistols were godly. For a while almost everyone was using the dual pistols. The next day and it was tournament time! Team Halo consisted of Walshy, T2, Gandhi, and myself. We put up a fight but were knocked out by Team COD. Team COD stepped it up a bunch from the practice day and had a intense series against Team Gears.

So it is the last night in NYC and a bunch of us headed to a sports bar to watch the Mayweather vs Cotto fight! We almost got clipped by a taxi cab on the way there, we talked some crap to people at the bar, and had some bomb late night food. NYC is an awesome city! Fish Bowls all night! lol

It is also my favorite time of the year, summertime! You know what that means, WAKEBAORDING!

That's enough talk. Here are some pictures from the event and what's been going on in my life!

Puckett! Rockets?

Manager Jason!

 The entrance to MLG HQ!

Preparation for the tournament. 

 The practice stations. 

Everyone watching the intense finals! 


The viewing room! 


NOS anyone?! 

The view. 

QDOBA for lunch! 

The broadcasters room.


About to play some 4 player FFA Pacman!

It's on! 

Brandon is to good at Marvel vs Capcom. Back to pacman!

and here are three Halo clips!

boss overkill

241 anyone?

Ktac on Mikwen

I want to thank Rockstar and MLG for having me out to the event! I had an awesome time! I hope to visit again soon. Also, a big shout out to NOS for picking me up as a brand ambassador! Drink NOS.