Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Update on myself and my stream!

I  just wanted to give everyone an update on what's been going on with me. I am currently in Austin, TX doing work for MLG and my sponsor the National Guard. Shibby and Proofy (COD Pro) are also here with me, we're working on making a video. I won't say much more then that but I'll let everyone know once it's all done so you guys can see all the hard work that was put into it! This was all so short notice that Ellen and I had to cut our vacation in Raleigh a day short. I'll be in Texas until late Saturday night, which brings me to my next point, my stream.

I am going to, once again postpone my stream launch date because MLG would like to be apart of it so I'm coordinating with them on making my stream a huge success. I'm sorry for continuing to postpone the date. I've been getting such a positive response from so many people that I want everyone to be involved. When I get back in town Saturday night, I'll be getting in touch with MLG and hopefully we'll get something going. I'll keep everyone updated with what's going on and when things should be up and running. Thanks for understanding everyone!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Summer adventures and Raleigh!

Raleigh is coming up this weekend and I'm stoked to play! I want to break back into the top 3 and win an event. It's been awhile since I've placed up there and I'm really working hard to win. With this team, I feel we have so much drive and potential to win an event. We still have things we need to improve on and we're practicing hard every night to do so. I've been watching VOD almost every day so I can see how other top players think and move. Our team didn't get to lan before this event so we knew we had to practice hard online. We have a couple days left and I'll be gaming hard each day. MLG Raleigh here we come!! 
A quick recap of Anaheim, we placed fourth in our pool and had a long road ahead of us. We brought it back after 52 games and finished with a solid fourth place. Which brings me to a great quote I live by "In order to win you have to lose." After reviewing our mistakes from Anaheim I'll be going into Raleigh very confident. We're planning on surprising a lot of people at MLG Raleigh, giving our fans something to scream and cheer for. I'll be giving away some free stuff through-out the event so make sure to come say hey if you have some time.

Ellen and I took a day trip to Louisville, KY for the Kentucky State Fair and of all the aisles to walk down in a collection of artwork, we stumble upon  this….

A doughnut burger….I didn't have the stomach to try this one!

I have recently been sponsored by the National Guard and I hope to be with them for some time as I already love everything they are planning on doing and enjoy the people I'm working with. If you're going to Raleigh, come check out the National Guard Booth to play me 1v1 or If you're about my size we can do a push-up contest. If you beat me you'll win a prize!

At the Kentucky State Fair repping the National Guard!!

The stream is nearly set up!  We are currently testing and everything is running properly we just have to tweak a few more things to better your viewing experience. We went through many troubles with our first capture card. It ended up that the Black Magic was not compatible with my Dell xps 9100. Every time the drivers were installed the computer would crash. So we moved on to a newer and better cap card…the Hauppaauge "Colossus."  We were looking at Grass Valley and other equipment but there were some questions in the air regarding them and I did not want to take any more chances on something that might of worked. So I went with the Colossus. I'm sorry to all of you who were anticipating my launch date. The new date I've set is Saturday and Sunday September 3rd/4th. Here is a photo of some of the things I'll be giving away. So make sure you're watching my stream for it's official launch date Sept. 3rd/4th for multiple chances to win prizes! You'll have to do your StrongSide homework for trivia questions that I have for some of the best prizes! With this stream I want to give back and help to the community and my fans. I will be giving free stuff away periodically. The more viewers I get the more free stuff I can give away! I really want this stream to be huge, please help get the word out and feel free to stop by my stream to see if were testing before my launch date. If you have any ideas to help me make the stream better, message me on or  Here is the link to my stream Make sure to follow me!

Big things happening at StrongSide Stream!

 Shout out: Big Thanks to Matt Kenner aka Letterz for helping me set everything up and big Thanks to Ellen and my parents for getting me all the stream equipment as a surprise birthday present! 

Group photo before getting down and dirty!

200ft underground!

On to more fun stuff, last week Ellen and a group of buddies of mine took a trip out to the longest underground cave in North America, Mammoth Cave to go spelunking. For those of you who don't know what spelunking is, it is an extreme outdoor activity which involves exploring caves by means of cave crawling, climbing and exploring. Depending on the cave the crawling can consist of long crawling periods, tight spaces, wall climbing, long narrow tunnels, water tunnels(can be very dangerous) which I have not yet tried but want to so bad! The only light source you have is the light on your helmet. You also have knee pads, elbow pads and gloves since your crawling and climbing non-stop. You are always on the move. It is a huge adrenaline rush! Here are some videos and pictures of the adventure! I highly recommend it to anyone who loves outdoor activities!

Canyoning my way around!

300ft underground!

Ellen and I enjoying ourselves!

Having lunch 300ft underground!

This crawl is called "The Poop Shoot" lol you have to free climb up and squeeze yourself into a hole at the top, that's where the foot is hanging from! haha

A video we took while on the spelunking tour! It's crazy how small the hole once you're on the other side!!

Warriors vs. Trauma

Warriors vs. Status Quo