Wednesday, February 29, 2012

MLG Halo Reach Winter Championship

 Thanks and great job to everyone who did their part in supporting Halo Reach to be at the MLG Winter Championship in Columbus! It wouldn't have happened without the support of everyone.

If you enjoy playing halo and love watching it, support it even further by attending the event and playing in the 4v4 or FFA! Sign up here  Good luck to everyone competing!

If you can't attend the event, no worries, support Halo by buying a GOLD Membership and watching the Live stream March 23-25 on the MajorLeagueGaming website. Tell all you friends to tune in. You don't want to miss out on this tournament!

On to the new Str8 Rippin line up. We have been practicing much more and seeing great improvement these past couple weeks. We have been going over our films and working on our weakness's. Our biggest issue was our communication and we've been improving on it everyday. We are coming together as a team and our teamwork just keeps getting better. We still have a lot of work to do and that is why we have decided to attend two lans before MLG Columbus. First we will be at the Coby2Fast lan in Sacramento, California. From there we will be flying to the new TLN Gaming house for their first Lan. I'll be updating my Twitter/Facebook Fanpage with links to watch the streams for the lans.

After both lans Tom(Tsquared) will be staying at my place until MLG Columbus. We will be gaming side by side working together to build our teamwork. We also will be getting used to screen watching again before the event. Our team is working extremely hard to be as prepared as we can be for this event. I can't wait to play.

With the release of the new v7 settings I really like the addition of the 3 shot beat down. Every player has to be way more accurate with their shots and beating down. The new v7 settings also brought in two new maps, Battle Canyon and Penance. Both are remakes from the original Halo(Beaver Creek and Damnation). I really like playing Battle Canyon. It brings back some good memories from my Halo2 days on Beaver Creek with Final Boss vs Carbon in MLG Meadows 2007! Check out the tournament gameplay here(I couldn't find my POV but here is Walshy's!)

I'm having my first ever montage made this year! I'm really excited for this. I have so many clips saved over my gaming years! Look to my Twitter for the teaser release coming soon!  I'm having my own line of Strongside shirts made for MLG Columbus. This will be for a limited time only. If you are interested in getting a shirt for the price of $15 hit me up at the event!

Here are two recent gameplays of Str8 Rippin practicing against Team Classic!

                                               Sanctuary-Team Slayer

Zealot-Capture the Flag


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  2. Can you mail the shirts if we can't attend Columbus?

  3. Im attending Columbus and i expect nothing but greatness from this team. We clear?

  4. With 2 LAN's and how much better you guys have become lately, I honestly think Str8 Rippin gets Top 5. Love this team, you and T2 are probably my favorite pro's.