Friday, April 27, 2012

Life Without Limits!

I got so much great feedback from my first picture blog, I decided to do another picture blog on my trip to the UK!

I would like to give a big thanks to "apeX" for making this entire trip happen for us. 

From April 5th-11th I was in the UK attending EGL5, which stands for European Gaming League. My sponsor "apeX" flew out my team, my girlfriend, and myself to attend this event and represent them. apeX wanted to be the first gaming community to win across all the games(Halo:Reach, COD, and Gears of War) being played at the event. We did just that. After 2 long days of gaming and our sleep schedules being all messed up we made it happen! The apeX US COD team won and it was one of the biggest turn outs for a COD tournament. Over 130 teams signed up to play COD. The apeX Gears team won again for their 9th consecutive tournament win. The finals for Halo:Reach ended up with us(apeX Str8 Rippin) vs. apeX UK. We beat the UK team in a great series. (At the bottom of the blog I posted a few of my game plays from the tournament) This sealed the 3 way win. apeX is the first and only gaming community to ever make this happen. 

I had so much fun competing and meeting everyone. The UK gamers are so awesome and were so welcoming. The tournament itself brought back so many memories from my first years at MLG. I want to see EGL keep growing and I hope to attend more events overseas! As you will see in the pictures below EGL had many side stations set up with Halo CE, Halo2, N64, Atari etc. When we weren't competing I was gaming on these stations! haha  I sat down to play some Halo2 Lockout snipes. 30 seconds into the game, I'm br2 and drop a killtac! I thought, man, I miss this game. It was a bummer they had to take down all the equipment early sunday or we would have been gaming H2 1v1s and 2v2s all night! haha

After the event we had 3 days to site see and hang out! We all stayed at Josh-Locos house near Manchester. I'll let the pictures tell the entire story from beginning to end...

Flying "Envoy" to our layover in London for the first time! The seats were so awesome! We could lay down and watch our personal tv! Movies, sleep, and food the entire flight :)

The pilot let us sit in the cockpit! So awesome! 

 ARGGGGG! Layover in London.

We met the MadHatter in London! 

Ellen with the entire crew! 

Stopped at a coffee shop and saw the funniest looking knife. 

Our next flight to Manchester! 

Pillows= a must for overseas trips 

After 20 hours of travel we met up with the team in Manchester. 

 We found an Indiana Jones Gambling machine at the airport. haha

 Dr Jones Dr Jones!

Taking a train to Blackpool, where the EGL event is being held. 

sneaky sneaky. 

cars are driving on the wrong side of the road! 

Tom's ticket castle.

pics from the train ride. 

Long train ride, more sleep! 

Met up with the apex guys in Blackpool. 

Taxi time! Heading to the venue/hotel. 

Our luggage strapped to the back of the taxi..haha I was praying it didn't fall off. 

Dinner at the table in our hotel room..haha 

Let the games begin! Saturday Morning.

SS fans all over the world!  

The Halo CE station! Yes, they had a couch to play on! Classic.

8 Halo2 stations on tube tvs! 

Halo 2.

N64 Mario Kart, so intense! haha 

Fish and chips anyone? 

Back to competing! 

So many awesome gamers here in the UK! 

More Mario Kart!

Main Stage

Dominos FTW. Waiting for our next match.

A team from Ireland attended EGL. These guys were so chill. 

Jools and I scoping out the competition. H2 1v1s next time! ;) 

Quarter Finals 

Soon to be MMA Pro. Good luck dude, Keep it up! 

The equipment for streaming the event. 

Signing some gear for some awesome gamers.

The duo.

Reppin the original Final Boss hat!  

A beautiful fan wanted a picture with me. wooo! :)

Playing in the winner bracket finals against apex UK. 


Interview before we play in the finals. Watch HERE

Last game before we won the finals! 

Day after the tournament. Packed up and heading back to Manchester to stay at Josh's house. 

Taking a taxi to take the train station and saw this great saying. "Life without limits" 

Lady in the back of the picture is very entertained at how Tom is sleeping.hahaha 

Funniest sleeping pose of all time? Tweet me others if you have better. @mcstrongside

It is a cycle. We all had lack of sleep from the time difference and so much traveling.

 Josh's backyard.

Tom getting more sleep. He claims the first bed at Josh's house.

After we all rested from so much traveling we prepared for an awesome night. 

Taxi van to the city!

A kiss for me?! 

The night has just begun. 

Loco himself.

Is the music to loud Max? lol 

Tyler busting a move. 

Str8 Rippin. 

I met a cute girl.

My beautiful girlfriend, Ellen.




Cheers mates!


Rocking the air guitar! 

Ellen rocking it too!

 T2/Side vs Riotz/Loco in pool.

 T2/Side soon to have a victory!

The next day checking out the city! Chill Factor. 

Indoor skydiving! 

and indoor Snowboarding! 

Best food I had all trip, hands down. 

 At the food court in one of the coolest malls.

Ellen and I stopped to eat at Rice. They had some awesome tables made from rice! 

Jamaican Jerk Chicken, a brother of Caribbean Jerk Chicken :)

Ellen is so excited to get our food! 

I have to wrestle Lions sometimes. 


Last night out with the whole group.

Ellen and I getting photo bombed by the girl behind us. haha 

The sax was so badass. This guy was awesome. 


Emo with the best dance moves. 


Just look at the moves. 

I had to show this guy up walking around with his shirt off all night. 

To much fun!

I will never forget this trip. haha  

Ellen double fisting drinks. She is having fun! 

The Loco dance. The best.


Emo on the prowl. 

The club closed so we went to get some pizza with corn?! It was good though!

Funky Chicken. Where crazy stuff happens.

Ending our last night in the UK with some gaming.

Shane, myself, and Josh.

Our last game before we say our goodbyes. 

Food utensils look so weird in the UK. 

One last game of Indy Jones. 

Goodbye UK!

That's all! Thanks to everyone who made this trip awesome! Thanks to everyone who was so welcoming to us. Until next time. Live life without limits.

Here are two of my game plays from the finals at EGL5 against apeX Devastation.

Zealot CTF- Going +16 with many flag runs

Zealot TS- Getting the steak and a nasty stick!


  1. Looks awesome...wish I was a pro gamer who could travel like this.

  2. Looks Like fun Maybe Next Time EGL does something big again in the UK It would be alsome to take the team out there!!!! Glad You Had Fun!!

  3. Once you sleep like that a couple times you get used to it. I sleep like that all the time in math class xD