Sunday, January 2, 2011

No Shave November

With Dallas being so close to DC, it was tough trying to figure out our team situation because there was barely a 3 week time frame. We found out that Dersky wasn't able to go due to school, so we decided to pick up Ghostayame as our 4th. As a team, we practiced about a week and a half together so we had to get it together fast to do well at Dallas. Sypher, Los and myself have been teaming since Raleigh so we didn't have to worry about our team work and with Ghost's veteran history we were going to pull through for each other. My team and I  played Halo: Reach at Dallas. It was unfortunate we weren't able to play in the Halo 3 championships but the Reach exhibition was a lot of fun. There was some tough competition at Dallas, but we got into the top 8 finish, which will help us for the 2011 opener. It was a great victory for Final Boss, but I can't forget to congratulate Status Quo for placing 2nd. They played amazing well and I'm proud of them for doing so. Dallas was a great way to end the season; there were a lot of crazy team changes and unbelievable upsets through out the span of Halo 3 but now that era is over. It's time for Halo: Reach.

Since Dallas I've been relaxing and taking some time to enjoy the off season. Ellen and I went to her first NFL game the other weekend. We had row 2 seats which was definitely an amazing view of the field. It was the Bengals vs. Buffalo Bills. T.O. and Ochocinco were playing sick. After T.O. scored a touchdown he began taunting the Bills on their sideline, almost started a brawl between the teams. I would of loved to see T.O. drop some dudes, he's a beast. Although it was a huge disappointment to see them lose in their hometown, I hoped Ellen would see them win. They were doing amazing in the first half but after half time they just lost it. They had a huge lead but blew it because their defense couldn't stop the Bills.

Thanksgiving just passed, I hope everyone had a great one, I know I did. My family, Ellen and myself went to my Aunt's house to celebrate. She had an amazing feast set up for us and I couldn't wait to get a bite. It's one of the best days out of the year. We got my whole family together and I stuffed myself till I passed out…I like to call it food hibernation. Turkey is a must, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing is another must and so many other things I can't even name them off because I'm getting hungry just thinking about it haha.

Winter is coming up  soon. We haven't had any heavy snow yet but I hope we do soon because I've been killing to get out there and hit up the slopes! I like to ski but this year we're going to try snowboarding. I've done it before in the past but it's been so long that I've forgotten how. A lot of my friends around here wanna go and learn how to do it together. So hopefully by the end of winter, I'll know how to snowboard again.

Well guys, I hope you all enjoyed the read and the game play. Make sure to check out my December blog!!

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