Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Let the season BEGIN.

I just got back from the 7 team lan at the Lan Network house. It was a lot of fun and we learned a ton from it. Interesting enough, our worst game types became our best. Our overall placing at the lan was 5th, but that's just practice guys…that's not tournament placings! I wanted to be at the gaming house a few days before so I could get comfortable and not have to rush into gaming come Thursday. Ellen and I drove up last Tuesday to hang out for the night but she ended up practicing with her team for Dallas. The guys at the house voted on a team name for them and we ended up with "Kitchen Warriors" so make to sure check them out. Thursday was a slow start for everyone but it got going once everyone arrived. Every team got at least one series in before crashing for the night. The rest of the weekend went really well. It took us a few games to get warmed up and back into the mind set of Reach. After that we were playing amazing and clicking really well together. If we had a bad game, we'd go over it and talk about it. Having a discussion about what happened during the game is more important than venting it all out. I know it's tough but Reach is about teamwork and that's what we've got. On our down time we'd play Mr. P's old school arcade games. The crowd favorite was "Samurai Kirby," a simple yet notoriously fun game. We had a tournament going on between all the guys. Lunchbox and I were in the finals, but my clutchness pulled through and I went home with the gold medal. After the lan, Robbie came back to NKY with Kyle and I. We've gotten in two extra days of gaming next to each other, even though Snakebite went home. We're all flying out tomorrow so tonight was the last official practice. We've been gaming hard and working on what needs to improve, so we'll see how it all turns out this weekend.

I cannot express how excited I am to be on Warriors. Elamite and I have been childhood friends and Snake Bite and Robbie have grown on me. I've got a great bunch of guys on the team and I can't wait to play at Dallas. It's been a long and peaceful break but I'm ready to get back on the sticks and compete. I'm looking forward to the 2011 season, new game, new teams…new opportunities.

CALLING ALL WARRIORS FANS….and SOON TO BE Warriors fans-  we're doing something special at Dallas, make sure to come find us in the venue and get in on the action!! Don't miss out.

The Lan Network's third Pros vs. Joes is coming May 6th-8th…please sign up guys! It's going to be a blast and an unforgettable opportunity.  Everyone should make it out to the Lan Network house at least once in their life time!

I've enclosed two videos of scrims against Status Quo so enjoy guys! See all at Dallas!


LETTERZ for helping me with all my tech needs

THEBURNTSIDE for getting these vids up for me.

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  1. I will be at pros vs joes 4 and staying up until pvj 5 since my b day is on july 4th. remember the name musicfiend lol