Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer time summer time

    This summer so far has been great and there is so much to do!  Ellen and I finally made it out to Wake Nation in Cincinnati to have a session of wake boarding all day! It was so awesome! There weren't to many people so we were able to ride all day without a line. This was my third time going and I told myself I had to hit the all the ramps before I leave. i had my wipe-outs but then I figured it out. In no time I was cruising off the ramps. At the end of the day I hit the second biggest ramp and ended it with a tail grab! Soo sick! (picture below!) When I get back from Anaheim I'll be making a few more trips to Wake Nation. I"ll have some videos coming soon! Back flips and tantrums are next!!

    Now about the new team…we have been practicing a bunch. We are looking really good. Tomorrow I'm leaving to Dersky's house. Our team will be at his place for a week. Gaming side by side is such good practice. Your able to go over stuff in person and screen watch!! Screen watching is one of the most important things in Halo. If you can't screen watch you need to practice it so you can! Dersky has been challenging me to a 1v1 in Basketball. I don't think he knows I'm 6"3 and he is only 5"3. haha. Dersky is going to get rocked. It is going to be an awesome week of gaming. I can't wait to get out there. We will be getting so much practice in before the event which will really benefit us.

   StrongSide Stream 24/7. I have been really busy trying to get my stream together. I'll be getting my stream out soon and the first day I will be doing a 24 hour stream session with free giveaways(everything from my tournament controllers to my MLG tournament jerseys), free gametime, and any 1v1 challengers! I'm stoked to get this up and hope you all come to check it out. There will be a lot more to come with my stream so stay tuned. I'll be posting on my twitter and facebook with more details.

    We also have the Pre Anaheim RedBull lan at the hotel on Wednesday and Thursday with Walshy's team and Status Quo. Should be some more good practice! Check out the pictures below from WakeNation and us at the TLN house on July 4th! See you all in Anaheim. Good luck to everyone that is playing!! Check out some pro team practice with our new team below the pictures!

                                        The start,

                                            the pull,


                                          the warm-up ramp,

                                          the tail grab,

                                               and hanging out. Good times.

                                              The backyard.

                                                Water volleyball!

                                                 Mr.P cooking round one of the food.

                                             Cannon Ball!!!


                                             Setting up the volleyball net.

                                             Putting the law down.


                                               MJ and Elle kicking it.

                                                                 making ninja squirm.

Warriors vs Walshy's team

Warriors vs Status Quo

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