Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Columbus and Cedar Point

    Columbus was a rough tournament. We were not prepared as a team. We were shaky throughout the event. The series we would win were still hectic. We couldn't get on the same page. After Dallas's placing I was extremely confident in everyone. We took a break but I don't think we officially came back. Life got in the way and our schedules were conflicting. This brings me to the team change. After Columbus I knew we had to practice a lot more to get on the same page again.We started practicing when we got back and it felt like we all had something else in mind to do. After a couple days PJ(snake bite) and I felt it would be best for all of us to start something fresh. We talked it over and all agreed. PJ and I officially left Warriors and were looking for two. We ran games with a few people and ultimately decided that Dersky and Twylight would be a great addition to the team. Robbie and Kyle(elamite) then decided to split which gave myself and PJ the Warriors name and seed. Good luck to you both and your teams you decide to go with.

    A bunch of us had planned a trip to Cedar Point after the Cbus event. We arrived there Monday night and headed out all day Tuesday to ride some rides! This year we got to ride the Top Thrill Dragster! haha  The park was almost empty so we were walking on every ride. sooo sick.


                              The little guy just wanted a friend.

                               Chris Angel magic.

                               Taking a picture with my biggest fan.

                            The Spartans preparing for battle. Watch video further down!

                       Millenium Force. The first drop is sick!

If you look on the left of the picture Brandon is about to get owned. haha

                               The frogs kept taunting us.haha We couldn't beat the game!

                              Wes got the closest with the diving jump! haha

                                 Man vs. Bird

    The new Warriors consist of Snake Bite, Dersky, Twylight, and myself. We've been practicing a lot and I'm stoked for the RedBull lan coming up this weekend! June 24th-26th. You will be able to watch the lan streaming from  --->  http://win.gs/rblan    Those of you that live in the NYC area come out and join us at the Red Bull arrival party at the Times Square Dave and Busters on June 23rd 8pm-11pm.

    After the RedBull Lan I'll be heading out to Chicago for the Pros vs Joes 4! I am pumped to be attending my second PvJ and bring home the gold this time. The first one I attended was sick! I got to meet a bunch of cool dudes and game my mind out!  We have a few spots left for the one coming up  June 30-July 2nd. For more info visit http://thelannetwork.com/forum/showthread.php?3611-Fantasy-Camp-4  and message "Mr P" on the site or Anthony Pennachio on Facebook to sign up. Attending the PvJ as of now is Lunchbox, Ninja, Totz, Fear, Victoy, and myself. I heard we have some solid players attending as of now. It is going to be a great one!

    Summer time is here but it keeps storming! I want to get out and wakeboard but the weather keeps denying me.haha  I usually drive up to a place in Cincinnati, Ohio called Wake Nation. If any of you wakeboard out there and live near by hit me up on Facebook and we'll make a trip out!

                   The duo grinding hard!

                   Old Warriors team at TLN Lan.

Anaheim is going to be sick!!!
Good luck to all the new teams and players out there!

A BIG thanks to TheBurntSide for helping me upload the videos! Thanks a bunch man.

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