Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pre Columbus

     At Dallas we placed 4th but I wanted first. We played amazing when it came down to the game 5's against every team. We fell short against BTH with a 3-0. We know what we have to do know and that is practice. As of now our team hasn't played to much and I think that it will hurt us going into Columbus unless we start playing a bunch. I had my first PvJ the other week and it was a blast! The amount of gaming everyone put in was insane. The first day we had a chance to scope out the players and prepare ourselves for the draft later that night.  After we put our teams together, it was time to game! I had a solid squad and we were working well together in our first series. The next couple days we played a few more series and I went over stuff with the guys and showed them some new tactics and things to work on. They learned fast.  It was the last day and we had the tournament! We were playing solid but fell short against T2's team and ended up placing 4th. I think it could of been the lack of sleep throughout the weekend. haha. my guys were exhausted. To end the lan off strong, the last night of the PvJ all the serious gamers stayed up and we gamed till 8 in morning. We ran indiana jones, dodge ball, MLG, and btb. It was the first time I did btb with 16 people sitting next to each other on lan haha.  After the games we said our good-byes and I got in my recovery sleep. 
    With the PvJ ending it was the beginning of another trip. Ellen was driving to pick me up and we were heading to Minnesota to see her family. Before leaving we made a pit stop at a go karting place in Chicago! Hahn, Fearitself, and Flamesword came along. We did three races and out of all of them the one person who was the hardest to pass was Ellen! She is ridiculous at cutting you off and keeping you stuck behind her. I ended up getting lucky and making it past her in the third race but Flamesword and Hahn were no match for her. She made them look like nubcakes.  Now we were ready to set off to Minnesota! It had been almost seven months since we seen the Yang family, so Ellen was super excited to see her family and so was I. We stayed there for seven days and had something planned everyday before we arrived! It was going to be an awesome trip. I love being around her family because she has such a big family and they are always together. There is never a dull moment. Also, the Hmong food was delicious! I have become so obsessed with white rice now that we picked up a rice cooker while we were there…yummy. We went to a local restaurant to have pho at least five times. it is so good!  Ellen and I went to Mall of America and we cleared out PacSun! haha. We went to the Aquarium at MOA and it was awesome. The Jellyfish showing was sick. The tunnel walk through was awesome. The fish are gigantic!

They made us dress up like lunch ladies..while we were getting prepped for the go-kart course.haha


                                                          The Sea Life

                                     We couldn't get the fish to crack a smile.

                                                       Birthday shots.


    Ellen's brother and his wife are having their first baby so both families threw them their first baby shower. Let me tell you, I have never seen SO MUCH candy in my life! The baby shower theme was as Candy Land. There were dumb dumb trees and handmade cake treats.  Also, every candy you can think of.  Then we headed back to her brothers place later on and played a bunch of card games while having a few beers. I'm a beast at card games now! haha

    We also went rock climbing at Vertical Endeavors and tore up the walls there! Ellen and I are truly monkeys!It's the best rock climbing place we've been to yet. They had so many belaying walls and bouldering walls all over. If your into rock climbing hit this place up!  I've heard one of the best places to rock climb is at the Red River Gorge. So this summer sometime were planning a trip there. I'll be sure to blog about it!  The last day we were there we played flag football with the family and friends at the park. The game's were intense. I scored 2 touchdowns and made some sick blocks. We had a great time seeing her family and had fun doing so much while we were there but it was time to head home and get back on the sticks to get ready for Columbus.

                                                  Ellen, making it look easy.



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