Friday, December 23, 2011

Ending the year with a bang!

Lately I've been gaming MLG's NBNS Halo:Reach and playing BattleField 3 for Virgin Gaming's $1.6 million tournament. I'm enjoying Reach so much more with NBNS. Last weekend I played in Ryanoob's tournament with Legit @BRIZZ_Legit, Goofy @GGoofy, and Ryanoob @RyaNoob. The tournament lasted two days and the matches were so fun to play. It felt like a local tournament. You get in good games and everyone is giving it their all to win. I enjoyed playing in this tournament much more than matchmaking. We ended up winning the tournament against Russo's team he put together. Our Nexus King game was so intense! We ended up winning by one second. Hope fully there are a lot more online tournaments to come. I love the competition!

The MLG Halo Community has been working hard to bring Halo back to where it used to be. It seems like everyone is doing their part to make things more entertaining and exciting for the players and viewers. This will all help bring new people into the league and bring people back. The other week I participated in The Halo Council show with Dmaq @dmaq1, Bestman @MLGBesTMaN, Gahndi @MLG_Gandhi, Bravo @BravoMLG, and Nexy @NexyMLG . We discussed everything from no bloom no sprint, the community and a little about myself.
Here is a link to their Twitch channel The Gaming Council Twitch  Check it out!!
They have a show once a week!  I'd love to help and participate again in another episode or any other other shows going on out there. I really want to be involved with MLG, Halo, and the community.

On a side note, any editors out there interested in working closely with me on a future montage; please message me with some of your previous work (montages and clips). I'm trying to get a lot of video content out this year.

If you or anyone you know would like to get in contact with me; hit me up via My Facebook Page or @mcStrongSide

I'm going to work extremely hard this new year and can't wait to get everything moved into my new place with Ellen and get started! I'll be streaming a bunch this new year be sure to check it out from time to time! My Twitch Stream Page and don't forget to follow!

On to moving!! Ellen and I finally signed our lease and have been moving stuff in day by day! We got a two bedroom, two bath apartment. There's a lot we need to get but once we're settled in, I'll be making an MLG Cribs video to show the Side Palace! This Christmas, Ellen and I decided to go back to her hometown in Minnesota to be with her family. I love going to see her family because they are always welcoming and her mom always makes the best food! We also get to have Pho! Which is a beef noodle soup that is absolutely amazing!  We leave the morning of Christmas eve and there's so much to do still! It's been a weird winter season here in Northern Kentucky, we haven't seen a flake of snow yet! Hopefully while we're in MN we get some snow and cold weather to hit up the slopes to go snowboarding! I've been killing to get out on the slopes and rip it up!  

Due to the overwhelming amount of submission for "Toys for Gamers" giveaway its taking a lot longer than expected to go through all the videos. The deadline was Dec.18th. All videos sent after that will not be reviewed. I happy to say of the videos I've seen so far there were some great ones! I'll be posting another blog in early January 20112 with the winner…maybe winners….? ;)

Everyone have a Merry Christmas and if you haven't every been snowboarding or skiing before make sure to get out there and try it once!


 Best memories of 2011

Winning MLG Bic Pro FFA

Placing 4th with Warriors at Dallas opener

The Lan Network lan's and pro's vs. joe's



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