Thursday, December 8, 2011

"StrongSide's Toys for Gamers"

Hey guys! You all may be wondering where I've been since Providence…! Ellen and I are in the process of getting our first place so I've been really busy apartment searching. It's all really exciting for the both of us. We'll be doing an "MLG Cribs" once we get settled in so look out for that in the coming months!

On to gaming matters, tis the season to be giving! I am doing a VIDEO contest for a big Christmas giveaway consisting of Astro A40 headset & mix amp, Astro backpack, one of my personal MLG jersey's signed and an MLG t-shirt will all go to ONE WINNER!

Submit a video telling me your story and why you think you should win the "Toys for Gamers" this Christmas. In this video you are not limited to anything! You can show your set up, what you play with, how long you've been apart of MLG and anything funny and witty! Use your imagination to persuade me. The more creative you get, the better! Don't forget to make this personal, because it is about you!

Please submit videos via YOUTUBE to my TWITTER or FACEBOOK!


*****I do ask to please refrain from submitting if you have any of the giveaway contents.

I'll still be doing smaller giveaways on my stream from time to time! So make sure to FOLLOW my stream ---> StrongSide Stream

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  2. Hey Strongside,
    I’m sorry I couldn’t make a video but I don’t have any camera to shoot it on…not even a phone. Right now I’m in the library because I don’t even have a computer otherwise I’d shoot the video on a webcam. I heard about your stream from one of my really good xbl friends, and they said that I should try to get it. I haven’t been really doing much besides playing halo lately because my 19 year old cousin just passed away in a car accident. My cousin and I always wanted to try to make it big in Halo but he never got the chance. Now im trying to get money to get Astros and be something big for him. I am a poor college student without a camera phone…its pretty sad. I have a 19 inch non flat screen t.v. that I play on with the original arcade white xbox 360. I currently have a taped together mic that came with the xbox. I doubt you’ll believe my story but I wouldn’t lie about something like this. My cousin was my best friend and I’m just trying to do something that would make him happy. If there is any way I could win this contest I would be eternally grateful to you and I know my cousin would be too. Thanks so much for reading this…really means a lot to me. Thank you so much strong side, hope you have a great Christmas.