Wednesday, November 9, 2011

No Bloom Novemeber

Our team is getting one lan in before Providence at the TLN house for the last lan there. Its always great to get everyone together and practice on lan for an event. I'll be practicing everyday to prepare for this event. There will also be a No Bloom Pro FFA that I will have to prepare for as well. Which will be hard to switch back and forth from No Bloom to Bloom all the time. I'm so happy that they are doing a FFA though. It's been so long since I've competed on an individual side of a game. Gaming and streaming everyday! Providence here I come!

I hope MLG plans to bring FFA and maybe 1v1's back for next season! I think it would bring a lot of people back to events to compete. Rather than just having 4v4's. It's great to compete in different ways of a game as well.

Now on to Disney World!! So Ellen had told me when we first met that she had never been to the beach or Disney World. I took her to the beach for her first birthday and now seemed like the perfect time to take her to Disney for her second Birthday. Her birthday was coming up after MLG Orlando and I thought..hey we could go to Disney World after MLG Orlando for an early birthday present! Here are a bunch of pictures of the trip!

The one and only Rafiki!!


Mickey Mouse Icecream!

Ellen's first visit, Birthday, and our 2 year anniversary. 

Awesome view from our hotel!

Indiana Jones!! 

Dr jones Dr jones! 

A very steep road. 

Almost there. 

Mickey Mouse waffles FTW! 


The only way I like my chicken...jerked haha

Gotta love the guy in the Sombrero! 

Ze spicy meatball!

NB NS Zealot TS

Revo vs Infa Oasis King Scrim

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