Monday, October 10, 2011

Oktoberfest maddness!

The team and I have been practicing almost everyday. I've been grinding in the extra hours to prepare for Orlando! We have Triggers Down, Pure, and Status Quo in our pool play. I'm ready to play and take some faces! haha My flight leaves Thursday afternoon and I'll be staying till Wednesday for some post-event fun! Unfortunately Revolution was unable to get a lan in before this event but we will definitely be lanning before Providence! There hasn't been much change to my practice regimen. All I'm thinking about is Halo and getting to where I want to be.

apeX released their new site recently! Check it out and Sign-up! --->> apeX eSports

It's that time of the year for my to put away my swim trunks, sunblock and wake board and start dusting off my snowboard and jacket! Winter will be here soon and I can't wait to snowboard!! Mantrain has confirmed he will be coming out to snowboard or we may take a trip somewhere!

For everyone wondering about the giveaways on my stream..everything has been so hectic and busy here on my end that I've been postponing it until I have everything prefect! I haven't forgotten about my promises, I'm still doing the BIG give away day! I'm currently coordinating with MLG and a few other companies to get more product and publicity so this give away turns into an event! After completing my first month of streaming I decided to give 15% of what I make every month from my stream to the viewers! I will use the money to buy prizes to give out on the stream. I'm going to make this first months earnings public to you guys with how much I made! With just a little over one month of streaming I brought in just under $1000. So I'll be giving back about $145 in prizes to the my viewers! I'll have many ways of giving stuff away on my stream! Such as trivia, games on Halo:Reach, lottery (I randomly pick a name in the viewer list), mini-tournaments, etc. There are ways to win prizes by simply being supportive and being a true SS fan. For those whom I acknowledge and notice that are consistently in my stream, supporting and contributing to the chat and the stream it self will have a *greater chance of getting some my most prized possessions.

*I just want to put a disclaimer and say it's not a guaranteed way of winning something, you just have a greater chance amongst others.**

There has been some demand for community game play reviews. I've thought of a way for the community to help me while giving back. If you guys can help get 500+ viewers for a consistent amount of time within a certain amount of time, I will do a few community game play reviews after team practice. Now to determine who's game play I will review is a matter I will have to think of when the time comes.

 Once I have everything organized and set to go I'll be doing a video blog releasing the date and to let you guys know what you can win!

I am now a part of the community at Check out their site! I'm in the Live Broadcasts section! ---> Halo Tracker

It is October and that means it's the best time of the year to scare Ellen. She doesn't like to be scared but she's warmed up to it quite a bit since we started dating. We recently went to our local amusement park called King's Island for their Halloween fest. There were 12 haunted attractions along with their normal rides. We went big on the ring toss and won Fright lane passes so we could cut in front of everyone waiting in line! It was one of the highlights of the evening. We're also planning on making a trip out to one of the best haunted attractions I've ever been too. I forgot what the place was called, but it's worth the trip because I'll admit I got scared at times!

Crazy snipe on's probably worth loading..haha!

Revolution vs. Infamous CTF Zealot

Revolution vs. Dynasty Slayer Sanctuary

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  1. Nice blog post, I started watching your stream a few weeks ago and you are the only person I can stand watching. I love joining community games and playing with you & Crimsix, I have a feeling that you guys will get about 3rd at Orlando.