Thursday, September 29, 2011

It's a Revolution.

Making sure that I was on a team with players that I am confident in and are dedicated was crucial for this next event. For those of you who don't know, the team you go to Orlando with is the team that you'll be going to Providence with. So after running games with a bunch of different players, I felt best with Crimsix, Twin Savior, and Amish Acorns. We formed our team and became "Revolution."  We want to stand for the start of something new; the beginning of a new team. I've been practicing a lot since Raleigh! Working on my shot, team work, 1v1's and mental game. I'll be grinding till the event everyday!

Push up contest went down at the National Guard booth at Raleigh!

The Title update is coming out soon, the no bloom has peaked my interest. I'm stoked to see how it plays and how MLG evolves with it! I'll definitely be trying it out but I won't play to much of no bloom until MLG makes it official for tournament play. I can only imagine that it will bring back a feeling of the other Halo's :) 

This is why you don't usually see me when I'm sniping....haha! In Austin, TX doing some work with the National Guard.

I finally finished planning and booking everything for my Orlando trip! I can't wait to play on lane! My amazing and beautiful girlfriend, Ellen will be flying in Friday night to support my team and I! After the event we are going to Disney World for a few days as my early birthday present to her!! Ellen has never been to Disney World before, so she has a whole new world ahead of her! haha  Hopefully it's nice and sunny one of the days so we can go to Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach!

What a view to wake up too! This was taken at my cousin's house in Durham/Raleigh. Ellen and I had to make a trip to see their new house!

Now to the stream..I love streaming!! I'm going to be doing 1v1 marathons and 4v4 marathons with the community! Also, after all the people saying I should prove myself on Gamebattles..I'm going to start playing GB and make my way to the top of the ranks!

1v1 against Crimsix

Revolution vs. Infamous CTF Countdown

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