Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Life is an experiment.

A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.
-George Bernard Shaw

I have been playing Halo competitively for the past eight years of my life and loved every second of it. All of the people I've met along the way and those who have help build me up to the person I am today. I wouldn't take anything back from all of the experiences I've had; positive and negative. I'm excited to see where 343 Studios can take the next Halo and implement a competitive aspect into the multiplayer game play. I have high hopes for Halo 4 and I want it to make a hugh comeback. With that being said, I'm sad to see Halo: Reach become absent in the competitive world, but that doesn't mean it's completely gone. I realize I haven't been very active in the gaming community but that's not because I don't want to be...

Living it up old school with some N64 Super Smash Bros.

Once a Boss, always a Boss.

Life is running it's course and it's time I start taking it head on. I've applied for school to start in Fall and started working for my friend's landscaping business. I've discovered I enjoy working outdoors and being hands on because for most of my life, I've been confined to my basement in a chair…haha. For the past two weeks, I've been helping my aunt move out of her flower shop because she sold it to the Family Dollar company. She's been in the floral business for the past 20 years of her life, so you can imagine the amount of stuff she had built up. We had ten days to move everything she wanted to take out of the building before it was going to be destroyed. We had a lot of things to pack up, box and put into storage with a limited amount of days and people to help, but we did it. Everyone started pitching in and we were able to get everything moved out before the construction started. This was all something new to me and I really enjoyed working in the "real world", as weird as that may sound. With all of the new responsibilities, Ellen and I needed to get another vehicle. This is the part in the blog I enjoy talking about the most…lol.

Black 2012 Jeep Wrangler Altitude-buying a Jeep is like buying an adventure. This was my vehicle of choice for many reasons. I have always loved sports cars such as BMW & Jaguar Coupe but I wanted something more than a speed racer. I have a love for the outdoors doing things like camping, hiking, and off-roading. With all of the things I wanted for a new car; the Jeep was perfect choice without a doubt. I had two months of researching and scouting behind me so I knew what I wanted and I wasn't going to settle for anything less. When I finally found the Jeep I was looking for, the dealership had no room for price movement so I decided to go elsewhere. My dad wanted to go to the dealership he had been going to for years to see what kind of deal they could get us. The place is called Zimmerman Florence, I called ahead to see if they can the Jeep I was looking for and luckily they had one. Ultimately I ended up buying from Zimmerman because of the great deal I got and our family loyalty. Ellen and I already have our first adventure planned for the Jeep. We're going to Minnesota in July to visit her family. While we're there, we're going camping and taking the Jeep off-roading. I'm stoked to take the Jeep out and hit up the real outdoors!

Penguins at the Newport Aquarium....because Penguins are cool. 

Bonafide Boarding is hosting an event in Chicago at the lan center in Game Pazzo on June 16th. They will be having a Halo: Reach lan from 5pm to 1am. Earlier in the afternoon, NOS Energy Drink will be apart of Game Pazzo's Classic Car Show as well. Their will be a lot to do and plenty to see there. I may be making an appearance, but I'm still in the works with travel accommodations. I will keep you guys updated via twitter @mcstrongside Bonafide Boarding is making a big a huge impact in the gaming community for their love of the game. Both of the Bonafide guys, Billy and Brad will be at the event so you can look forward to meeting two good friends of mine. Another reason to be at Game Pazzo on the 16th, the next design in the Bonafide Signature StrongSide Shirt will be for sale. Remember guys, this is the second design of three to be released! So make sure you pick one up for yourself, your mom, your dad, your sister, your brother and whole extended family! If I can make it out, I'll be driving my Jeep so you may be able to get a personal tour of my new car! haha

For info on Bonafide Boarding's LAN check it out here:

For more info on the Game Pazzo event check it out here:

For all the NBA fans out there, I've been watching almost every game of the playoffs! I'm rooting for OKC! Kevin Durant is a beast!

Sorry for not having the video's up and ready on here guys, I had to do it this way for now! So check out my Halo: Reach vids down below!

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