Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Drink Nos. Be Bonafide. Live Mas.

Recently I visited Chicago and attended the NOS energy drink Car show outside of the Game Pazzo LAN center. They had everything from your oldie cars to your new school cars.  I was even lucky enough to get to hop in a few of the rides and test them out! My two favorites from the show were the Chevelle Malibu Super Sport and the Pantera GTS. These two were beasts! There was also an Army Truck at the show named the Psychotic Reaction. The truck had machine gun turrets attached to both sides and we got to test them out! The turrets were hooked up with air pressure but it still had a kick.

After the Car Show, Bonafide Boarding held a Halo Reach LAN. We crushed some NOS and started gaming! We got to test out the new Arena Gametypes for their tournament coming up on August 3-5 at Game Pazzo. It had been a few months since I had played but it was so fun to kick back, relax, and game it up with everyone. All the gamers that showed up were so chill. We gamed hard until 3am.

The great thing about Game Pazzo is that they have such a variety of other games to play, a bar, a concession, and they have a DJ system set up. So I had to test it out! I had some help from a few of the guys who DJ there all the time. I mixed to some Gucci Mayne and Rick Ross!

Bonafide Boarding's Arena Gaming Sign up and compete!

Check out the video and pictures to see more from the event!

chillin with Billy the Kid on the NOS truck!

Chugging NOS before the gaming starts!

Holding down the fort

1 shot, 1 kill

Going in hot with grenades!

The SS car!

So much NOS!

Pantera GTS. so sick!


2nd place in the car show

A Classic!

Watching the comments on the stream


Learning how to mix.

It's go time!!


cool shirts

Bonafide life.

Keepin it Real.

Please no pictures. haha

All smiles after a losing 1v1 to me. gg ninj

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